Watch This Code Brown Dash Cam Moment of the Week

This is a little too close for comfort.

byGabriel Loewenberg|
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This dash cam video comes to us from Berwick, Victoria, Australia via the Dash Cam Owners Australia YouTube account. Frankly, the Aussies are giving the Russians a run for their money these days with the dash cam videos.  

Our soon to be screaming dash cam owner, Lisa (according to the description) is out for evening drive. Lisa is minding her own business, jamming out to some tunes. Thankfully, Lisa seems to have situational awareness while driving. When something like this happens, the unexpected is often not recognized as a threat until it's too late. 

Our dear Lisa seems to notice that things are about to go very wrong and jerks her car out of the way just in time. The oncoming car was going a bit too fast to make it through that bend in the road. The car hops the median right in front of Lisa, giving her just a second to react. The little twitch of steering input she gives likely saves her from a head-on collision.

Thankfully for us, Lisa also has a rear-mounted cam that catches the aftermath, which is the speeding car hitting a tree. According to Lisa, no one was injured. 

After watching this, one can't help but think that this whole thing could have been avoided if they both weren't driving on the wrong side of the road.

Be warned, Lisa does drop a rather loud F-bomb in the video. If you watch this at work, church, or parent-teacher night, you may want to turn the sound off or use headphones. 

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