This Is the Best Crew Of Wekfest San Jose

IDL Design shows what it takes to be the best tuner crew in the country.

byDanny Choy|
This Is the Best Crew Of Wekfest San Jose

If you're not familiar with Wekfest, you're about to be. In fact, we shared a "dope" video of Wekfest Japan earlier this year – if Tokyo Auto Salon is a platform for manufacturers and tuning houses to showcase its products and builds, then Wekfest is the platform for the enthusiasts to make a name for themselves. And while JDM tuner culture originated in Japan, by far the biggest community of Honda geeks and Nissan freaks call Southern California their home. In turn, the biggest show on Wekfest's nine-event calendar every year is, without rival, San Jose.

IDL Design is a full-service body and performance shop and car wash/detailing spa, located in Irwindale, California, but the staff behind the facility have been friends for ages. Despite their grown-up jobs and their responsibilities outside of car life, Weakest is that one time every year the band gets back together to represent.

"As we get older it becomes harder and harder for everyone to get their time off from daily life and work. This year at Wekfest USA really brought us as a whole group. Mixed emotions as we went through a lot of ups and downs and now I feel like we're stronger than ever," said IDL's Darren Yoo.

And you can tell these guys have been in the game for years. Gone are the Honda Civics and S-chassis that we come to expect. Instead, we're looking at three R35 GT-Rs, a pair of Porsche 911s, a Rocket Bunny Lexus RC-F, Supra Turbo, BMW M5, Pandem BMW #46 M3, Voltex wide-body Mitsubishi Evo IX, Voltex Subaru STI, a Lambo Aventador roadster and more.

The awesome 4K YouTube video, shot by JayCray, follows the IDL crew from prep, to transport, to staging and finally winning the coveted trophy for "Best Crew" at Weakest San Jose.