Wekfest Japan 2017 Is Car Culture Gone Completely Mad

From Kanjozoku Civic Hatchbacks To A Chopped Ford Model A Rat-Rod, Wekfest Japan has it all.

byDanny Choy| UPDATED May 16, 2017 12:08 PM
Wekfest Japan 2017 Is Car Culture Gone Completely Mad

If Tokyo Auto Salon is about the tuners, then Wekfest is about the people. Started in California, Wekfest has become an international showcase of what car enthusiasts are creating around the world. Earlier this month, Wekfest returned to Nagoya's Port Messe Exhibition Center to give us a look at what the locals from Tokyo to Osaka are bringing to the table.

From the hundreds of high-quality entrants at the show, it's difficult to highlight the real standouts. The show seemed particularly diverse this year, with everything from a classic Mercedes-Benz sporting a 2JZ-swap, to a gorgeous Millenium Jade FC3S RX-7, to a chopped 1938 Ford Model A rat-rod, and even a polarizing Ferrari Testarossa on air suspension.

And while most of the builds show off some truly admirable craftsmanship, there's no doubt you'd find more than a handful that aren't your cup of tea. But really, that's the point. Variety is the spice of life—what is car culture if everyone follows the same recipe?

Joey Lee, a regular guest judge at Wekfest for Best Honda awards, shared his unique look at Wekfest Japan, from final prep work at Exceed Garage to the show's award ceremony, via his channel stickydiljoedotcom on YouTube. Did we mention there were a lot of cars at Wekfest Japan? Joey has split his coverage into two parts, with each episode approximately 20 minutes long.

For a much shorter video of the cars at Wekfest Japan, also check out the video from lower motion below.