Family Finds Brand New Plastic-Wrapped SUV Buried in Their Backyard

Years after this SUV was reported stolen, it was found buried underground.

byRob Stumpf|
Family Finds Brand New Plastic-Wrapped SUV Buried in Their Backyard


A family in Oklahoma dug up a surprise in their own back yard earlier this week when a father and son decided to alter a path used to ride their dirt bikes. According to local news station KFOR, after some digging, the duo stumbled across a brand new car wrapped in plastic buried beneath the earth, but just how did it get there?

Fredie Green and his son Cody enjoy motocross. They've been jumping bikes and ATVs in their backyard since they've owned the family home and finally decided to make some alterations to their homemade course. Cody grabbed his tractor and began to dig  in the ground, only to be abruptly stopped by something. He unearthed a bit more out of curiosity but instead of removing a rock, he didn't find buried treasure, but instead found the hood of a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Screengrab via KFOR

Cody called his father who instructed him to stop digging while he called police. Authorities arrived onsite and removed the remainder of the vehicle, then ripped off the doors to check for any bodies that might have been inside. After confirming that the vehicle was free from any remains, the more important questions started to come to light - namely how the vehicle ended up in its grave wrapped in a tarp.

That's the question on everyone's mind, including local the local sheriff's department. Despite the years of being underground in the dirt, authorities were able to find a license plate affixed to the vehicle. After a quick plate run, lieutenant Robert Stewart verified that the tags were registered to the previous owner of the property the vehicle was found buried in. The lieutenant confirmed that a police report showed the Trailblazer was reported stolen by the previous land owner in 2003 when the vehicle was brand new. No mention of the amount of miles on the odometer, but according to the family, the tires appear to be basically new.

As of now, the police speculate some form of insurance fraud being a possibility. No charges have been filed at this time as the investigation is still underway. The SUV does appear to be damaged, but it's unclear if that is due to an accident, years of being under dirt with moving vehicles on top, or simply from the deposit/removal of the vehicle from the ground. This story is far from the glories of a barn find, but it sure is interesting to find a brand new car buried in your yard after fifteen years.