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You Can Buy This Custom Corvette With a Truly Ridiculous Grille

Would you like some giant nostrils with your strange retro bodywork? Yes. Yes, you would.

The 1970s brought us all kinds of strange neoclassical rides, from Panther to Zimmer and Excalibur, so why not take a 1970s Chevrolet Corvette and make it look like one of Cruella de Vil’s garage rejects? That’s what someone did to this heavily customized 1977 Corvette, for sale on Finnish for-sale site Nettiauto

The seller calls it the “Chevrolet Corvette Musai,” and states that it’s the only one like it in the world. It’s a project—this is the country that brought us My Summer Car, after all—but the seller says the bodywork is 90 percent done. 

Risto Majuri via Facebook Marketplace

What is done is spectacular from the few photos on the ad. Somehow this retro-custom Corvette builder managed to outdo even BMW with this version of a giant grille, which sticks up in the middle of the front in order to give the car that neo-classical body shape. Only this is a Corvette, so you can’t reshape it that much and it just ends up looking like a protruding snout. The sunburst texturing in the grille to draw extra eyeballs towards it is a nice touch, too. Adrian van Hooydonk, eat your heart out. 

Fortunately, that grille at least feeds a 350-c.i. small block. However, since it’s mated to an automatic transmission and a whole lot of extra bodywork, don’t expect it to be too fast. Nor should you expect much rearward visibility with such a small oval-shaped rear window. At least the rear is the better-looking end of the car. 

Risto Majuri via Facebook Marketplace

No price is listed on Nettiauto—just “sold on a bid basis,” as translated by DeepL. There is a duplicate ad up on Facebook with the same disclaimer, but also with a €20,000 ($23,188) list price. We suspect the seller may know what he has. 

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