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This Ford E-Series Dually Is the Pickup You Drew in Elementary School

Good luck hanging this one on your fridge.

Truthfully, I was never an artist. Basic shapes, stick figures—you get the picture. But I know, in my younger days, I drew this 2008 Ford E-450 van-truck. Now, seeing it as more than a one-dimensional outline…I want it. Dual rear wheels, a massive cabin, a diesel engine. All of it.

Kirk Becker via Facebook Marketplace

Of course, this isn’t the only van-turned-truck out there. Far from it. But this Blue Oval that’s currently for sale in Florida packs all the right parts in a quirky-but-handsome package. Just look at the shape! I know I’ve got a piece of construction paper with this very truck scribbled on it somewhere. Maybe I should call my parents…

Anyhow. You and yours can ride comfortably in the spacious cab, assuming there’s only two of you, with more elbow room than you’ll find in almost any other two-door pickup. There’s also a plethora of storage compartments, perfect for carrying all the pointless junk that inevitably piles up during a long road trip. Visibility from those towing mirrors is also an added bonus.

Kirk Becker via Facebook Marketplace

Then there’s the eight-foot bed that ditches the confinements of an average van’s cargo hold. The dual-rear-wheel setup means it’s plenty stout for a heavy payload and, should you have a trailer in tow, it’ll also be more stable thanks to the E-450 underpinnings. GVWR ratings are difficult to calculate with all the modifications performed here but, from the factory, the ’08 model touted a best-in-class rating of 14,500 pounds.

Powering the Ford is a 6.0-liter Power Stroke diesel V8. While this engine has a famously checkered reputation, the lump in this truck seems to be well taken care of with a new head gasket installed about 40,000 miles ago. After that, the seller upgraded to a RiffRaff Diesel Stage II turbo with high-pressure hoses, dual alternators, belts and tensioners, a new water pump, and thermostat. It’s also got a new EGR cooler and oil cooler, so the power plant should still be running smoothly at 231,000 miles total.

An automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels only, which is best for overall towing capacity.

Kirk Becker via Facebook Marketplace

Perhaps the best part of it all is that this E-450 pickup won’t break the bank. It’s listed at $10,350, or about the same as any other dually with the same number of miles. If it were us, we’d scoop it up and load it with ATVs and side-by-sides. Maybe take a Mini Raptor to the dunes? Either way, you won’t come across many deals better than this stellar conversion—and if you do, let us know.

Meanwhile, I’ll be enrolling at my local JuCo to pursue a career in design.

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