2020 Roush Ranger: This Wannabe Ford Ranger Raptor Will Set You Back a Pretty Penny

The nearly $13,000 kit includes some suspension mods, tires, wheels, and a lot of plastic bits.

byJesus Garcia|
2020 Roush Ranger: This Wannabe Ford Ranger Raptor Will Set You Back a Pretty Penny

Patience is a virtue when it comes to the Ford Ranger. While our friends Down Under enjoy the Ranger Raptor, we are left to make our own lemonade. Roush, however, is now getting us one step closer to the real deal, with an off-road performance package for the 2020 Ford Rangernot.

Sadly, Roush's take on the ranger doesn’t include the diesel engine of the Australian version nor the bite of the amped-up 770-hp Shelby F-150. Instead, it offers some suspension mods, an exhaust system, off-road friendly tires, some exterior plastic bits, and perhaps more notably, a nicer cabin.

The Roush Ranger is built on the Ford Ranger Lariat 4x4, where the stock 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine rated at 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque and 10-speed automatic transmission remain. Roush adds a high-performance dual-tip cat-back exhaust system with stainless steel tips for more baritone, but no real performance gains are noted by the tuner.

The highlights of the truck are tucked under the wheel wells. The 2020 Roush Ranger is outfitted with a Roush/Fox 2.0 performance suspension system, matched with General Tire 32-inch Grabber A/TX tires and satin black 18-inch Roush wheels. 

2020 Roush Ranger , Roush Performance 

Exterior visual cue includes a Roush front grille with dual LED lights, custom red tow hooks, fender vent badges, and Roush “R” puddle lamps. Customers also can choose among seven exterior colors and three exterior graphic packages for the Roush Ranger. Exterior options include a Roush chase rack with dual ten-inch light bars, retractable aluminum bed cover with optional bed cargo manager, and an off-road utility kit. 

It's inside that the Roush shines, with the Ranger offering premium leather seats with quilted stitching, embroidered headrests, and floor liners by WeatherTech. An optional center console and rear seat vault provide additional storage space for valuable belongings. 

In total, the 2020 Roush Ranger package adds $12,750 above the factory MSRP of a Lariat 4x4, which has a starting price of $38,675, putting this mid-size truck over the $50,000 mark. That is a high enough price tag to make some people research aftermarket suspension kits to do on their own. Sure, you'd miss out on the seats, but that's probably ok.

If you aren't already scratching your head, this will do it for ya: Ford Performance recently announced a three-level dealer-installed off-road package for 2019-2020 Ford Rangers. These include Fox 2.0 suspension and off-road leveling kit, BFGoodrich KO2 265/70 tires, and 17-in Dyno Gray wheels. Level 2 even bumps the engine output to 315 hp and 370 pound-feet of torque.

Level 3 offers everything included in the first two with an additional 40-inch LED light bar, Ford Performance chase rack, winch-capable front bumper, sport exhaust, for only $8,995 (before MSRP and installation). According to Ford Performance, Level 1 and 2 can be ordered now, but Level 3 won’t be available to order until summer 2021.

Why anyone would drop more coin on the Roush sure beats me, but if you're interested, the 2020 Roush Ranger is available right now and it comes with a three-year, 36,000-mile limited warranty.  

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