2020 Roush F-150 Is a Luxurious Off-Road Kit for $13,750

Fox 2.0 coilovers and 33-inch tires headline the company's latest upgrade pack.

Ford F-150 customers looking for a more rugged, stylish, and exclusive truck are in luck because available to order at select Ford dealerships right freakin’ now is the 2020 Roush F-150. The $13,750 appearance and equipment package by Roush Performance features a new grille, front bumper cover, and fender flares. If that stuff wasn’t enough to visually set the modified F-150 apart, it also gets the obligatory Roush badges, body graphics, and Roush logo puddle lights that illuminate the ground beneath you when its doors are ajar. 

The Ford truck’s enhancements go beyond cosmetics. All-new 20-inch matte black wheels and 33-inch General Grabber all-terrain tires are attached to Roush/Fox 2.0 coilovers for greater travel and tire clearance. A dual-exit catback performance exhaust system is also standard.

Optional equipment includes a Roush Chase rack with a pair of 10-inch light bars, a retractable aluminum bed cover, active exhaust, premium leather interior, off-road utility kit, and a console vault safe. 

“The 2020 Roush F-150 is the perfect dual-purpose pickup,” said Jack Roush Jr. “Our team worked hard to strike the perfect balance between off-road style and performance, and we’ve accomplished that with the 2020 F-150.”

Roush Performance

Ford F-150 XLT or Lariat owners can Roush-ify their trucks starting at $13,750—base truck not included, obviously. 

Hand Roush another $5,400, though, and it’ll build you the 650-horsepower F-150 Nitemare. Getting from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds—just as quick as a stock Mustang GT—Roush claims it to be the quickest production truck in the world.

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