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V8 Ford Ranger Raptor Canceled for Obvious Reasons: Report

Budget cuts claim yet another good idea.

Earlier this year, word got out that Ford Australia was working on the kind of truck that would have made most Americans froth at the mouth: A Ranger Raptor, with the 5.0-liter V8 heart from the Mustang. Emphasis on would, though, because the ultimate Ranger’s production run has reportedly been canceled thanks to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Australia’s Which Car, Ford shelved the 460-horsepower, Mustang-hearted pickup truck to fit a new, tighter budget imposed so the company can thrive in an economy that isn’t expected to recover for many years.

This isn’t to say the project is dead and buried, as the Blue Oval could reportedly still grant its approval, but only if the world both gets healthy far faster than any expert anticipates, and celebrates by going out to buy new pickup trucks. From the story:

Wheels understands that Ford’s tightening financial restrictions, both locally and overseas, has resulted in that final sign-off now being withheld indefinitely. There is a slim chance the Mustang-powered dual-cab could be revived if things change for the better in a rapid fashion, however that appears highly unlikely.

Not all hope need be lost, though as Ford reportedly tasked design of the V8 Ranger Raptor to Prodrive spinoff Premcar, which itself has the capacity to produce V8 Rangers in small numbers. Even assuming Ford hasn’t strung red tape in Premcar’s path, though, don’t expect to see a V8 Ranger in your local Ford showroom; these gallivanting trucks would’ve been exclusive to Australia, as some of the best Fords have traditionally been.

As it was before, Ford fans, the task of putting a V8 into a Ranger lies with you. Just be sure you forego the 5.0-liter Coyote for one of those new 7.3s—ideally with a honking great supercharger bolted to it.

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