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Hot Rod Chevy Bus With a Blower and Seven Racing Seats Makes Back to School Fun

This must be the bus for kids who like getting to school early.
Via Facebook Marketplace

Some purchases you just can’t rationalize. I’m afraid this 2008 Chevy short bus with a supercharged V8 falls in that category, but don’t let that stop you from buying it. You can be the coolest parent in the school pick-up line, or the dorkiest dude at the local cruise night. To be honest, it seems like a win either way.

The bus is listed in Hudson, New Hampshire for $22,500, which isn’t so bad when you consider the new car competition. I mean, look at the Dodge Durango Hellcat. It’s the only other seven-seater I can think of with a blown V8 and it costs a little more than $100,000. The “kool bus” is a bargain, then.

There’s no telling how much power it makes, because we don’t know the engine specs. It’s very likely a small-block Chevy. We can see that the supercharger on top is a 4-71 unit from The Blower Shop and a short clip that’s included in the listing even shows it spinning at idle. You just know it’s a blast judging by the hole in the hood, the polished wheels, and the dual pipes out back.

The bus is just as neat inside with checkered flooring and a full racing seat for every passenger. In theory, you could put your kiddo in the back and feel good about yourself so long as they fit in the harnesses. It has cold air conditioning to top it all off and even a TV above the driver, which is way cooler than the Blue Bird I grew up riding in. Come to think of it, there are a lot of differences between the two.

A quick look at the seller’s Marketplace profile shows they have lots of experience with modified Chevrolets. That should boost your buying confidence at least a little bit knowing this wasn’t pieced together by someone who’s never wrenched before. And while you could certainly buy a lot of cool rides for $22,500, I doubt any of ’em would be as interesting as this race bus.

If you’re looking for a logical reason to buy it, you might not find one. But if fun is priority number one for you, then I doubt you’ll find anything with more bang for the buck.

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