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Nissan Dealer Employees Face 400 Charges After DMV Investigation

The now-former general manager has a history of legal issues while running dealerships.
Nissan of Shelby

Twelve different employees from Nissan of Shelby, North Carolina are in quite a bit of trouble, after the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) filed more than 400 charges against them. The charges include failing to disclose damage, improperly rebuilding salvage titles, failure to inspect vehicles, and much more. The DMV’s initial investigation was for rebuilt salvage titles, which revealed more information that led to even more charges.

One employee faces far more charges than any other. Nissan of Shelby’s former general manager Sam Kazran faces a whopping 110 counts of failure to inspect vehicles before being offered for sale. However, eleven other employees each face several different charges of fraudulent activity.

According to Queen City News, customer Lucinda Ross was told that she owed the dealership $2,500 six months after buying her car. Ross found that suspicious, so she called the company she financed the car through and they assured her that she owed no extra money. That’s in addition to issues her car was having that the dealership refused to fix.

This isn’t the first instance of a Kazran-run company facing legal issues. The Federal Election Commission filed a complaint against Kazran, for reimbursing employees at his Florida dealership $70,000, after donating to a political campaign.

Shelby’s new general manager, George Ewing, seems to want to fix the dealership’s reputation. In a Facebook video, he calls on anyone who’s bought a car from Nissan of Shelby within the past couple of years to come see him personally, so he can either fix their issues or offer them a “huge trade number.” He also says that, at the “all new” Nissan of Shelby, they “do the right thing, the first time, every time.” However, the damage may already be done, as customers such as Ross have no plans to return to Nissan of Shelby.

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