Virginia Dealer Sells Out of Nissan Leafs After Leasing Them for 99 Cents to Titan Buyers

There are screaming deals, and then there’s being offered two years in a solid EV almost for free.

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Even if they aren't the standout choices in their respective segments, both the Nissan Leaf and Titan are solid, reliable choices. If there were a way to get one (or both) for a good deal, though, they'd be tempting even in the face of the new Ford F-150 and Hyundai Ioniq 5. And as far as deals go, it's hard to beat a two-year lease on a Leaf for just 99 cents.

Offered by Hart Nissan in Virginia, this deal was first reported by Car & Driver and then confirmed by a dealer sales manager to The Drive. They explained that all buyers of eligible 2021 Titans would be offered a lease on a Leaf, allowing them 10,000 miles a year for two years. The price? Just 99 cents, plus some associated taxes—though contrary to the original report, individuals buyers don't benefit from the federal EV tax credit.

Hart Nissan

Initially scheduled to run through June 1, this promo unsurprisingly garnered Hart Nissan immense attention, which resulted in the liquidation of its Leaf inventory. The Titan customers who took Hart up on the deal didn't wind up with low-trim leftovers either; the dealer's (outdated) online inventory shows all five Leafs formerly available as being the Plus model, with a larger battery and 226 miles of range. Three of them were the mid-level SV trim or higher, meaning these Leafs were about as good as the model got, and while it's no hot seller, everyone at The Drive who has driven one agrees it's a solid EV.

Maybe Nissan will regain its EV momentum again when the Ariya arrives later this year, and let its dealers leave promos as extreme as Hart's in the past.

Hart Nissan

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