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Treat Yourself With This Low-Mile GMC Syclone and Typhoon Combo for $68,500

This might be the best one-two punch on the Rad-car market.

Listen up, ’90s-obsessed superfans. There’s a pair of period-correct performance cars up for sale that’ll have you scrambling for your walkman and anything resembling Reebok Pumps. We’re talking about an ultra-rad GMC Syclone pickup with a ’92 GMC Typhoon SUV to match, waiting to find their new homes somewhere that the sun shines and Sugar Ray plays all day long.

These closely related speed machines were once world-beaters, with the Syclone famously defeating a new Ferrari 348ts in most measurable categories during a 1991 Car and Driver test. The little truck that could was capable of hitting 60 miles per hour from a standstill in just 4.3 seconds—the fastest of any vehicle at the time—and the Typhoon wasn’t far behind it the following year. They’ve gone on to become cultural icons with their all-wheel-drive, heavily turbocharged 4.3-liter V6s, and unmistakable styling that has landed them somewhere between sought-after and hero-worshipped over the past three decades or so.

Brian E. Buxton 

Both of these examples are exceptionally clean and come from a real Sy-Ty fanatic (like what I did there?) who has apparently owned three Syclones in total. The ’91 GMC super-pickup in question has accumulated 31,750 miles during its lifetime, and it’s been incredibly well-kept. According to the seller who spoke with The Drive, it has never seen rain and comes with an extensively documented history of maintenance and light modifications, including a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust.

Brian E. Buxton 
Brian E. Buxton

The Syclone wears build number 839 of just 2,995 ever manufactured, and its MSRP clocked in at $25,500 according to the original window sticker.

Brian E. Buxton 

The Typhoon, an even lesser-known rare bird, is a ’92 model that’s covered notably fewer miles—only 26,700 in total. It’s one of 523 editions ever finished in Apple Red paint and, underneath, it’s virtually identical to the Syclone. The powertrain is said to be in perfect working condition, as is the rest of this wacky go-fast SUV.

Brian E. Buxton 
Brian E. Buxton 

It was number 324 of 4,697 built between 1992 and 1993, and originally, it boasted an MSRP of $29,320.

Brian E. Buxton 

Now, these two are being advertised as a pair in hopes of them sticking together for years to come. The asking price for both? $68,500. Given the cars’ low-mileage and top-notch condition, that’s not too far off when comparing other clean examples for sale right now. If need be, the seller says he’s willing to part with the Syclone for $32,500 or best offer, while the Typhoon would require $34,500 or best offer.

Ultimately, cars are only worth what someone will pay for them, but we’ve got a feeling that some well-off collector might not mind adding this dynamic duo to their garage. Jay Leno’s even got a Syclone of his own, FWIW.

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