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2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Now Starts at $48,769 and Tops Out Around $100K

A base price increase of $7,000 means the F-150 Lightning is a lot more than $40,000 these days.
Caleb Jacobs / The Drive

The Ford F-150 Lightning no longer starts just above $40,000 as the Blue Oval automaker announced Tuesday morning. Citing “significant material cost increases and other factors,” Ford is raising the truck’s base MSRP to $48,769 including destination. This is the first price hike since the electric pickup was revealed in May 2021. What’s more, order banks are re-opening this Thursday, with news that this updated pricing structure will take effect at that time.

In its press release, Ford reassured existing order holders that their factory pricing is locked in at the previously set amount. So while there’s no manufacturer guarantee that dealers will sell F-150 Lightnings at sticker price, current customers won’t be subject to these upticks in MSRP. Meanwhile, reservation holders for the truck that haven’t placed an order due to their desired spec being unavailable will receive a private offer from Ford.

Here’s the full pricing list, including destination fees:

  • Pro: $48,769
  • XLT: $61,269
  • XLT High: $70,269
  • XLT High / Extended Range: $82,769
  • Lariat: $76,269
  • Lariat Extended Range: $87,769
  • Platinum Extended Range: $98,669

The next batch of F-150 Lightnings will sport a few improvements, including a 10-mile increase for the Standard Range battery pack to 240 miles. There are also two new colors on the way—Avalanche Gray and Azure Gray—which replace Atlas Blue, Ice Blue Silver, and Smoked Quartz Metallic as those paint options are going away. Finally, Pro Trailer Hitch Assist will be optional on Pro and XLT trims of the battery-powered pickup while being offered as standard equipment on some Lariats and all Platinums.

Ford says it has delivered more than 4,400 F-150 Lightnings so far this year with the first customer receiving theirs in May. Examples of the electric model have also arrived in all 50 states, and Ford expects annual production capacity to reach 150,000 trucks once manufacturing is fully ramped up at its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

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