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Here’s the Full Pricing and Options List for the 2021 Ford F-150

Get out your calculator!

Ford is looking to change its fortunes as 2021 gets closer, and despite the pandemic, it looks like that may happen. It has the new electric Mustang Mach-E up its sleeve, the near-universally-praised Bronco, and oh—also, the latest edition of the best-selling vehicle in the United States, the F-150. And finally—thanks to the forums—we now have the full list of options and accessories complete with prices for America’s top truck.

Now bear in mind that these prices and accessories aren’t plugged into any digital configurator yet, so you will have to dust off your Ti-83 if you’re anxious to get the pricing for your ideal 2021 F-150 squared away. It’s also a pretty long and detailed list so, uh, maybe double-check those numbers when you’re done.

To make a long story short—without getting too deep into this options list—the cheapest F-150 you’ll be able to buy will be just under $30,000, at $28,950. The most expensive one (before additional options) gets to right around $75,000, at $74,245. Neither of those prices includes the $1,695 destination and delivery charge, which is thrown into the price of every truck, either. So, in reality, you’re looking at $30,645 to get an F-150 in your driveway.

That base price puts the truck right in the neighborhood of its predecessor, so if you could afford an F-150 then, you still can now. However, you might want to pay up for some of the interesting optional extras that come with the new F-150, like the powerful 7.2-kilowatt generator that will net you enough power to run an illegal restaurant, or power a worksite full of tools. 

But whether you’re planning to get chased around by the health department or just have a truck to commute to work, odds are there’s an F-150 somewhere in this price range for you. 

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