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Can a Junkyard 1984 Mustang Beat a New EcoBoost Mustang?

It's a story for the ages: Crappy old car plus junkyard parts, ingenuity and wild bravery combine in a new miniseries on The Drive.

When we first met Corbin Goodwin back in 2013, he was just a shaggy California kid who’d built a Mustang-powered Mazda RX-7, a car that looked like some tripping-balls stunt coordinator had commissioned it for Mad Max V: The Fast And The Furious

As it turned out, the engineering student’s ratrod Mazda with the “my other ride is your mom” sticker wasn’t half bad to drive, and Matt Farah made that Zero F**ks Given RX7 legendary on /TUNED. Now, Corbin’s back and he has his own junkyard-built sports car miniseries on The Drive.

On episode one of /CORBIN’S HIT SHOW, Corbin and partner in pick-a-part, Michael Elterman procure a strange, turbocharged-and-airbrushed 1984 Ford Mustang SVO and hatch a plot to use a combination of junkyard parts, a few new bits and sheer force of ill-will to unlock its hidden mechanical potential, and beat a new EcoBoost-powered Mustang in a racetrack challenge.

Hide your torque wrench somewhere safe, because Corbin and Mike are not effing around this time. What’s that weird smell?