Taking on The EcoBoost Mustang With a Junkyard Mustang SVO

On part two of /CORBIN’S HIT SHOW, it’s showdown time between the turbo Mustang and the, uh, turbo Mustang.

byMike Spinelli|

On episode two of /CORBIN'S HIT SHOW, Corbin and Mike finish fooling around with the 1984 Ford Mustang SVO with airbrushed prog-rock album-cover paint job. The "mystery smoke" appears to have abated, and the fuel leak has been forgotten about, I mean addressed with the highest degree of safety in mind. Now what?

Now, if you must ask, it's time to take the $4,000, scrap-modded rustang to a famous motorsports circuit (i.e., a go-kart track) to see if all of Corbin's and Mike's fumbling around with junkyard parts, salsa bottles, and really complex engineering equations have paid their just dividends. 

And so, Corbin and Mike take laps in the SVO and new EcoBoost Mustang (with high-speed hair-tousling option) to see which turbo Mustang is quicker -- the one that costs $35,000, or the one that cost 1/800th of that price (sorry, only Corbin can actually do math)? And by the way, who's faster, Corbin or Mike?

Sorry. You'll just have to watch.