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This GM Trademark Might Preview the New Hummer ‘H-EV’ Logo

We're left piecing the puzzle together ahead of the 1,000-hp truck's reveal.

The delay of the GMC Hummer EV’s reveal means until the leaves turn, those hanging on for every detail about General Motors’ first electric truck have to take what they can get. And what they can get today might be a preview of the Hummer EV’s badge, which could also portend a subtle name change, to Hummer H-EV.

This development comes courtesy of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which on Aug. 7 received trademark apps from GM for the logo seen here. The CIPO filing is officially titled “Hummer H-EV (stylized) & device,” indicating a possible change of name to GMC Hummer H-EV, or even just Hummer H-EV, either of which would bring back Hummer’s old H-prefixed name scheme.

Hummer H-EV filing with the USPTO, USPTO via The Drive

Curiously, GM specifies the H-EV trademark as one pertaining to “motor land vehicles; bicycles; apparatus for locomotion by land,” which could cover off the possibility of selling a Hummer-branded E-bike as an official accessory—something Jeep already does.

But as usual with trademarks, don’t leap to the conclusion that this is inherently some leaked design element of the final vehicle, or represents a plan to rename what we know as the GMC Hummer EV as the Hummer H-EV. Like most automakers, GM regularly files for trademarks it has no intent to use for the sake of protecting its intellectual property (IP). It handily demonstrated this in 2019 by re-upping its trademark on the Chevrolet Cavalier name before telling The Drive that it had no plans to reintroduce the model.

Still, in the case of the Hummer EV, GM hasn’t recently bid for trademarks that it hasn’t used, so maybe we’ll be calling it the Hummer H-EV in time anyway. We can only know when GM drops the final product on us sometime this Autumn.

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