Jaguar Registers ‘C-Pace’ Name in Europe Hints at New Crossover

The E-Pace is already pretty small. Could Jaguar be thinking about going smaller?

Jaguar has just filed an application to trademark the name “C-Pace” with the E.U. Intellectual Property Office according to CarAdvice. Since Jaguar uses the “Pace” moniker for all of its crossovers, it’s reasonable to assume that the C-Pace will be some sort of SUV.

But where would the C-Pace fit in with the current lineup? Jaguar’s current crossover naming scheme matches its sedans with the E-Pace being related to the XE and the F-Pace sharing a platform with the XF. Since there’s no Jaguar XC, it’s pretty open to speculation where the C-Pace could potentially land.

The electric I-Pace bucks the Jaguar naming scheme, so could the C-Pace be another electric crossover? Perhaps one that’s smaller and more affordable? It would be surprising if the C-Pace were bigger than the F-Pace since that space is unofficially reserved for the name J-Pace to match up with the full-size XJ.

It’s possible that the C-Pace will just be a subcompact luxury SUV slotted below the E-Pace. It’s a quickly growing segment with little luxury utes like the Mercedes-Benz GLA and BMW X1 hogging all the market share. If that were the case, the C-Pace would likely be based on a new platform since Jaguar and Land Rover don’t make anything that small.

We might be getting too optimistic, but what if there’s also a little Jaguar XC sedan in the works to fight the likes of the Audi A3? Seems unlikely due to the demise of the sedan, but an enthusiast can dream.