GM’s Original Design Sketches for the New Hummer EV Were Straight Out of Science Fiction

Some of the earliest design sketches for the 2022 GMC Hummer look like they belong in a video game with a roof-mounted laser cannon.

The General Motors Design squad almost took the 2022 GMC Hummer electric supertruck’s macho vibe in a whole different, more futuristic direction. GM Design released some of the pre-production sketches for the new Hummer on its fascinating Instagram account today, and some of the earlier ideas look like they’re straight out of sci-fi. 

Design sketches always tend to err on the side of wishful thinking. We’re probably not going to get burgundy tires, and some of these short, squatty greenhouses look like even more of a visibility nightmare than the production version. The Hummer already has a tacticool vibe going right there in the HMMWV-derived brand name, so we don’t need it to have tank-style visibility.

Yet this wishful thinking got me doing some wishful thinking of my own. The production version reminds me a bit of the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept, whereas a few of these renders are a bed-mounted rocket launcher away from fitting right into Halo

The more pronounced trapezoidal fender flares with taillights that continue around the side are realy eye-catching, as are the hood that sort of floats over a blacked-out front grille area and the chunky blue side accents. The drop-down windshield is fun, too. That’s right: We could’ve gotten a windshield that folds down, too.

The GM Design team also posted some pre-production interior sketches that look like cleaner, more streamlined versions of the production interior. If what was revealed on Tuesday is just a little too blingy for you, perhaps you’d like the smoother, frameless design of the original dashboard screen. 

If you want to see more fascinating sketches from GM’s present and past, give the GM Design team a follow on Instagram here

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