Harley-Davidson Partnership with Motorcycle Rental Firm EagleRider Expands

Not sure about that new Harley yet? Now you can rent it instead at over 120 Harley-Davidson dealerships.

byEric Brandt|
Harley-Davidson Partnership with Motorcycle Rental Firm EagleRider Expands

The partnership between motorcycle rental and travel company EagleRider and Harley-Davidson is growing fast, and as a result there are now more than 120 Harley-Davidson dealerships across the United States with a bike rental program through EagleRider. Could this help get new riders in the hot seat?

Here’s how the program works. At any of these dealers, you can rent a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and drop it back off at any other EagleRider location. But EagleRider doesn’t just rent out bikes; you can also use it as a travel agency. You can book a whole trip through EagleRider with hotels and even get a guided tour. There are 49 different routes available all around the country, plus another 89 different self-guided tours.

“After rounding the corner of an incredible first year, we are thrilled that our partnership with Harley-Davidson continues to produce great results for our industry,” said Chris McIntyre, CEO and Co-founder of EagleRider in a press release. “Our companies have been consistently delivering exciting rides for consumers through the largest connected network of motorcycle rental locations in the U.S. We look forward to bringing more dealerships on-board as our network expands.”

Since EagleRider’s fleet is growing so fast, it’s also getting into the sales game. Through a new program launched earlier this year called ERDX (EagleRider Dealer Exchange), dealers can buy a used Harley-Davidson motorcycle from EagleRider that’s been used as a rental and sell it as a pre-owned unit. This should help with getting more used modern Harleys in dealerships as a more affordable alternative to a new bike.

If you want to see the country or just go on a weekend trip on a luxury motorcycle that would normally be pretty expensive to buy, EagleRider seems like a great way to do it. If it works out for Harley-Davidson, it can play a part in its ongoing effort to attract more riders to the iconic brand.