EagleRider and Harley-Davidson Now Have More Than 100 Rental Locations

The partnership is less than a year old and growing fast.

Less than a year ago, Harley-Davidson teamed up with EagleRider, the world’s largest motorcycle rental and travel company to make it easy for traveling riders to rent a Harley from a dealer. Recently, the partnership between the two brands hit a pretty big milestone.

“EagleRider and Harley-Davidson announced a huge milestone in the strategic alliance between the brands—they have opened more than 100 rental locations together throughout the U.S.,” said an EagleRider representative in an email to The Drive. Not all of these dealers are currently taking bookings, but they will be soon. Before this influx in growth, EagleRider rented out bikes from 35 H-D locations and 70 more will start taking bookings by May 2018.

“Less than one year into our alliance with Harley-Davidson, we are very pleased to announce this key accomplishment,” said Chris McIntyre, CEO and Co-Founder of EagleRider in a press release. “Our companies have been working diligently to deliver the largest connected network of motorcycle rental locations throughout the U.S. We are eager to continue reaching new riders across America as we head into prime travel season.”

This is not only great for EagleRider, but for Harley-Davidson in its goal to grow its business and bring fresh blood into its dealers. Renting a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a lot easier and less intimidating than buying one. If a rider borrows a Harley to go on an EagleRider tour and really likes it, then H-D might have a new lifelong customer on its hands.

If you’re itching for a memorable motorcycle tour with prime touring season coming up, EagleRider might have the trip for you and Harley-Davidson could have the bike to boot.