Jeep’s New All-Terrain E-Bike Has 40 Miles of Range, Will Set You Back $5,899

It’s either this or a 20-year-old Wrangler with tons of miles. Your pick.

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Jeep is finally jumping into the electric game, but we aren’t exactly talking about a battery-powered Wrangler—at least not yet. The company’s first foray into the alternative-energy mobility game will come in the form of an electric mountain bike, complete with fat tires and a full Fire-Link suspension system.

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We got a peep at the bike during Jeep’s Super Bowl ad, which featured Bill Murray hooning around in a Gladiator as a throwback to the cult favorite movie, Groundhog Day. One quick scene in that commercial showed Murray taking off on a Jeep-branded bike. Now, we’re getting more information on the two-wheeler, which will be manufactured by QuietKat, a company that makes a variety of other electric mountain bikes. The Jeep bike will be based on the company's existing RidgeRunner design, but will feature a slew of upgrades and a special "Decorated Jeep" paint job. 

The Jeep E-Bike has a starting price of $5,899, which is undoubtedly pricey but not unrealistic in that space.

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The bike’s equipment makes a strong case for the money. Up to 40 miles of range is possible from the 750-watt electric motor, and the bike’s full suspension system should make for quite a comfortable ride. Power comes from a 14.5ah/48V battery and stopping force comes courtesy of four-piston hydraulic disc brakes.  

Pre-orders for the bike are open now on the QuietKat website, but buyers won’t be ripping up the trails until at least June when the E-Bike is scheduled to ship. 

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