DJI’s Mavic Pro Is Currently Selling for Its Lowest Price Ever

With a 20-percent price drop, DJI's Mavic Pro is now selling for the lowest it ever has. For those of you patiently waiting, your time has come.

If you snagged yourself a DJI Mavic Pro during last year’s Black Friday sale, you fortuitously purchased this top-of-the-line drone at its lower price point ever—until now, that is. The Mavic Pro, essentially the high watermark of sophisticated hobby drones, originally sold for a thousand dollars. If that rather steep price has had you clinging to your pocketbook all these years, today’s news might entice you to reconsider. According to The Verge, this 20-percent price drop puts DJI’s Mavic Pro at a retail price of $801.95. That’s $197.05 you won’t be spending.

It all makes sense, of course, when you look at the current landscape of DJI’s drone line. With a new Mavic Air capable of shooting footage in 4K announced in January, the company is adjusting for appeal of its preceding products, here. This recalibration of the DJI ecosystem is currently only affecting the Mavic Pro, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if we noticed other UAVs—now slightly less exciting than the new Mavic Air—drop in price, as well. For now, we’ll just have to appreciate this substantial deal and seriously consider purchasing a Mavic Pro ourselves. 

Of course, it all depends on what kind of drone you’re in the market for. If you simply want to pilot a camera-drone around the yard and engage your nephew with the exciting advent of functional, affordable hobby drones, a Parrot Mambo FPV might be of interest, with its medium price point and user-friendly design. If you’re a serious drone fanatic and have the disposable income to warrant the best of the best, of course, you’re probably considering the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, in addition to the newest Mavic Air. This deal is aimed squarely at those shuffling in between these two paths. For those with enough savings, hitherto hesitant to spend that much but eager to own a Mavic Pro, your time has come.