DJI Introduces Enterprise Shield Drone Protection Plan

The world's leading UAV manufacturer just introduced another reason to consider its products over the competition. Meet Enterprise Shield protection.

The world’s leading recreational drone manufacturer just announced the Apple Care of drone protection. DJI’s Enterprise Shield is an all-encompassing protection plan that alleviates subscribers from common accident or damage concerns by covering their partial or entire drone replacement needs, according to the DJI press release

Enterprise Shield, like certain DJI hardware itself, is customizable. Regardless of your choice between Enterprise Shield Basic or Enterprise Shield Plus, the comprehensive protection plan includes free shipping, and hasty delivery speeds. It was only a few days ago that the drone manufacturer announced an appeasement, of sorts, toward commercial clients, when it introduced flexible geofencing. Now, it seems, the company is eager to offer its clientele even more care, convenience and consideration, by introducing a service that intends to look after its customers’ hardware. 

“Professional drone operators rely on DJI systems to complete their missions with high performance and minimal downtime, and they have told us they want that same level of reliability and flexibility in an after sales solution,” said Jan Gasparic, DJI Head of Enterprise Partnerships. “This was the inspiration behind DJI Enterprise Shield – a plan that gives our enterprise customers the peace of mind they need to focus on their missions.”

As for the two varying options to choose from, DJI’s Enterprise Shield Plus has just enough benefits over its lower-tier counterpart to push it over the edge. These notable included caveats are comprised of product repair, free and unlimited product replacement (over Enterprise Shield Basic’s limit of two, with a fixed price), free overnight shipping (in contrast to free two-day shipping), coverage for fleets of drones (as opposed to individual vehicles), and repairs for DJI’s Zenmuse XT and XT2 cameras.

The company’s new plan covers customers in North America and mainland China, with services only available in the country or region where the products were purchased. This is essentially a thorough version of DJI’s general protection plan, DJI Care Refresh, the replacement service of which was capped at one year after purchase. 

Competitor Yuneec’s customer care, meanwhile, is divided into tiers, with peripheral items like batteries being covered for one month, and two kinds of its drones having a year-long warranty. 

In a landscape like this, having an all-encompassing protection plan is a nice perk for customers. So, for the DJI owners out there, ensuring your high-end UAV with an official protection plan might be worth consideration.