Here’s Your First Look at the Upcoming GMC Hummer Electric Truck

It boasts features like Infinity Roof, Crab Mode, and Adrenaline mode—whatever those mean.

byChris Tsui|
Electric Vehicles photo

GMC released a new video teasing its upcoming, 1,000-horsepower Hummer EV and, thankfully, it grants us our clearest look yet at the much-hyped, all-electric truck. Narrated by three-time NBA champion LeBron James, the minute-long clip not only gives us a glimpse of the Hummer's development—including shots of a scaled-down clay model, a life-size dev mule, and what looks like the Hummer's huge, flat battery being carted around by lab coat-wearing GM peeps—but also confirms a handful of features that have all seemingly been given very Tesla-esque, social media-friendly names. 

Open-air Infinity Roof. Adrenaline Mode. Crab Mode. Ultium battery. Ultra-Vision cameras. If you told us these were the abilities of the Hummer's on-screen Transformers counterpart, we'd believe you. The end of the video also appears to confirm the existence of a three-box pickup variant, just like Hummer's of old had.

Other Hummer details we already knew about or kinda expected include that 1,000 hp figure, torque figure, a zero to 60 time of three seconds, "super fast" charging, next-gen Super Cruise semi-autonomy, and pop-out "modular sky panels." 

After postponing the Hummer's launch due to COVID-19 (we were supposed to see all of it in May), GMC will now reveal in-full and open the order books for the truck sometime this fall before starting production next fall. Provided they all actually pan out, the all-electric GMC Hummer—or, as General Motors calls it, "the world's first supertruck"—will compete with Tesla's controversially-styled Cybertruck and the Ford-backed Rivian R1T

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