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Is This Rare 2010 Hummer H3t Alpha V8 Midsize Pickup Still Worth $33K?

If you think so, visit your local Carmax.

If you’re in the market for a midsize pickup truck and want to stand out in the flashiest way possible, this Hummer H3t Alpha currently listed for sale at CarMax could be your ticket.

Alpha versions like this one here are much more powerful than the average H3s, getting 300-horsepower 5.3-liter V8s instead of the puny inline-fives with 242 horsepower the base models received. Though there were a few thousand H3Ts sold by 2009, the Alpha is considered rare with just 48 examples sold in the brand’s final 2010 model year, making this Alpha listed for sale in Nashville the only one currently for sale that we know of. The downside, however, is that CarMax’s “No-Haggle Price” means its new owner will pay $31,998, or just a few grand less than its original sticker price of $38,000.


To be fair, the truck appears to be in great shape and it looks like it was properly taken care of by its original owner. The interior looks almost new, and there are plenty of luxury options to keep you comfy while flexing on unsuspecting passersby. This H3t Alpha comes with leather seats, navigation, Bluetooth, sunroof, and heated seats. None of that changes the fact that it’s a Hummer, but the vehicles have quite a cult following in some circles so it’s likely to be picked up by someone soon.

The H3 is a divisive automotive subject, even almost ten years after its discontinuation. Folks either love or hate the funky pickup, though the haters seem to be winning the battle—at least on the internet. The H3t pickup is much more of a looker than its boxy counterpart, though neither wins many points for style.

h/t: The CarMax Unicorn Blog