Best Glasspack Mufflers: Amplify Your Engine’s Sound

Get deep sounds from your exhaust system with these glasspack mufflers

byMike Knott, Norah Tarichia|
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BYMike Knott, Norah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON June 10, 2021

If you want your engine to unleash a beautiful roar as you drive across the road, then you need a glasspack muffler. It helps your engine produce distinctively aggressive sounds, which will not sound annoying to the neighbors. If you have decided to install a glasspack muffler in your vehicle, consider some of the best muffler options in our buying guide below.

Best Overall
DC Sports EX-5016 Performance Bolt-On Exhaust Muffler

DC Sports EX-5016 Performance Bolt-On Exhaust Muffler


A durable muffler, complete with clamps and adapters, this glasspack muffler fits on most cars. The stainless steel production ups torque and reduces horsepower. 

  • Streamlined design for smooth exhaust performance
  • Compatible with the majority of popular vehicles
  • Stainless steel is a tough material resistant to impact
  • Polish wears down over time 
  • Frequent bumps and gravel roads can cause premature wear
  • Steel can eventually corrode
Best Value

Thrush 24025 Exhaust Muffler


Coming at an affordable price, this exhaust muffler has a heavy gauge exterior to optimize durability. With expandable bushings, it fits most vehicles and offers a dash of flair.

  • Cost-effective price point
  • Made out of fiberglass to prevent heat damage
  • Not prone to rust due to material
  • Works with custom applications
  • Fiberglass can be vulnerable to extreme cold
  • Painted option scratches fairly easily
  • Custom installations may be time-consuming
Honorable Mention

LCGP Universal Resonator Performance Muffler


True to the spirit of the glasspack muffler, the straight design reduces engine noise and ambient vibration. It fosters a long lifespan and improves driving experience overall.

  • Deep tone muffler design limits noisiness
  • Made of stainless steel for added strength and durability
  • Polished adds to car’s aesthetic
  • Requires welding tools for proper installation
  • Will likely require a professional for setup 
  • Results vary based on welding work

Best Glasspack Mufflers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Staying true to the spirit of the glasspack muffler, the DC Sports EX-5016 Performance Bolt-On Exhaust Muffler features a streamlined design. The idea is for exhaust to move straight through, resulting in reduced sporadic and extra horsepower. This glasspack muffler lives up to these expectations thanks to its sturdy design. While it adds a deep, hearty noise to your drive, that doesn’t carry through to back pressure. Instead, the straight-through muffler actually prevents that buildup, giving you full access to all your horsepower. Made out of stainless steel, it rings in at 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 16 ¼ inches. Compatible with a whole host of vehicles, you can use it on anything from a sedan to a compact car. Built for easy installation, the bolt-on design eliminates the need for welding. So, if you’re looking for a quick-installing, reliable glasspack, this is a good pick overall. 

Of course, nothing truly lasts forever. This model starts out shiny and new, but given its position in the vehicle, you can expect the polish to lose its sheen fairly quickly. That said, in terms of performance, this is a solid candidate.

If you know that iconic song of a glasspack muffler then the Thrush 24025 Exhaust Muffler lets you embrace this sweet sound without breaking the bank. It features an innovative design, popular for its incorporation of fiberglass technology. This offers a strong vibratory tone without impeding the flow of the exhaust. The result is the desired air movement paired with the torque that brought glasspack mufflers to fame. You can get this model in either stainless steel or painted (to add that touch of flash). Each rings in at 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 26 inches, with the outlet diameter ringing in at 2 ¼ inches. The rounded structure makes its installation straightforward, though you might need a professional touch. However, considering the price point, this is a clear winner for value. 

It is worth noting that, though there is much to praise about this model, the interior fiberglass will pack down over time. The glasspack muffler will keep performing, but you might notice an audible change over time.

Available in multiple sizes, the LCGP Universal Resonator Performance Muffler is a fantastic choice if you’re focused on durability. It rings in at 2 1/2 inches for both the inlet and outlets, while the shaft is 16 inches long. Wide enough to get you that desired deep tone, it is also able to reduce the noise coming from your engine. This is simply through the straightforward flow of the exhaust, giving you no back force issues. Facilitating max torque, this stainless steel model is made to not only help your exhaust system, but your vehicle overall. Showcasing its value not through flash, but a durable design and quality function, this selection easily earns a spot on our list. 

Finished with a polish and TIG welded into place, the installation requirements are the only catch. If you’ve got a tig welder and all the supplies, you can set it up independently. Even for those with less welding experience, it’s best to get professional help with the job. This way, you get the full value out of the muffler. 

If you’re looking for a balance of intensity and durability, the TotalFlow 942 Mini Muffler is an interesting candidate. For starters, it is much smaller than many selections on the market. Overall, it’s only 9 inches long. The body rings in at 3 inches wide while both the outlets are 2 inches wide. Made out of high-grade stainless steel, it also incorporates an internal mesh system. This is the part that really makes the muffler sing. The steel mesh vibrates in conjunction with the exhaust as it’s released, resulting in a thundering intensity. Unlike other materials, steel is able to resist wear for an impressive amount of time. Thus, you keep that deep hum, improved torque, and better engine efficiency for longer. 

There is a caveat to this option, though. It’s touted as a universal fit, but that’s because adjustments are always necessary to get it perfectly in place. Use a MIG welder system to get it set up, or take it into the shop. The work is quick, and once it’s in place, it has serious lasting power. 

If you’re more about the improved exhaust performance, and less focused on the roar, check out the A-Karck Exhaust Resonator. It features a streamlined design, with a 19-inch overall length, including the 2 1/2-inch inlet and outlet. Designed specifically to reduce that sputtering, raspy noise discontent exhausts often make, it clears up that tone. Once in place, it allows the exhaust a clear exit point. The benefits are twofold. For starters, your engine runs with less encumbrance and your torque improves. Secondly, you get that deep tone that showcases what your vehicle has to offer. Manufactured through MIG welding, the stainless steel pairs with quality craftsmanship to earn this muffler a shoutout on this list. 

Keep in mind that this glasspack muffler requires some TLC every once in a while. If you keep it polished, it will continue working properly. However, without that attention, it risks rust, corrosion; and, eventually, compromised function. So long as you include it in routine maintenance, it’s still a winner.


  • If you are not experienced in repairing automobiles or don't know how your vehicle is built, do not install the muffler by yourself. You may break the exhaust pipe. Hire a professional to install the unit for you. 
  • If you want to install it by yourself, jack up your car or place it on a level lift table for easier access. Apply an exhaust sealant on the muffler's inlet pipe before fixing it in place for an airtight fit. 
  • Consider using a hacksaw and a penetrative lubricant to remove the original, worn-out muffler. Take care not to damage the other parts as you cut through the muffler.
  • To test the efficiency of the muffler, run your engine for about 30 minutes to determine how the unit sounds. If you notice a rattling sound or leaks accompanied by smoke and steam, then you may have installed it incorrectly.


Q: Is a glass muffler noisy? 

A: The primary function of a glass muffler is to contain the sounds produced by your engine. It dissipates the sound waves to create a more bearable sound from your engine. If you get a high-quality muffler, it can amplify the deep sounds to make your engine sound powerful as opposed to being noisy.

Q: How long do glasspack mufflers last?

A: It's a bit difficult to slap a lifespan number on a glasspack muffler, since even the most high-end versions can break down if mishandled or exposed to rough driving conditions. The more the muffler is exposed to water vapor and dirt, the quieter and less efficient it becomes over time. 

Final Thoughts

After careful consideration, we’ve declared the  DC Sports EX-5016 Performance Bolt-On Exhaust Muffler as a clear winner. It stays true to the spirit of glasspack mufflers, giving you that idyllic rumbling sound while also upping horsepower. 

Shopping on a budget? Check out the Thrush 24025 Exhaust Muffler, not only for its affordability, but also for its clever fiberglass features and durable performance. Once you’re equipped with the best glasspack muffler, your car can perform better and sound smoother.  

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