The Ducati SuperSport Returns

A classic blend of speed, comfort, and curves once again graces Ducati’s lineup.

byChris Cantle|
Motorcycles photo


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Ducati’s early SuperSports are on every list of iconic motorcycles, and for many riders, they're the high point. The early bikes, the 750 and 900 SuperSports of the 70’s, were a perfect mix of ergonomics and engine. A sliver of fairing draped over a single, round headlight. A spindly trellis frame cradled a brilliant air-cooled engine with Desmodromic valves. It was a proper ripper, and in the hands of journalist Cook Neilson, the bike was fast enough to win Daytona in 1977.

The SuperSports of the 70’s were a joy to ride. And as they evolved into the 90’s they became surprisingly comfortable while staying absurdly rapid. Even today, the SuperSport series remains a benchmark—so it should come as no surprise that Ducati revived the nameplate at the annual Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, where the 2017 Ducati SuperSport, and SuperSport S were unveiled.

Boasting a re-tuned 937cc Testastretta motor, a more relaxed riding position, and all the looks of the high-strung Ducati Panigale, the SuperSport will occupy the athletic-yet-comfortable place in the lineup formerly occupied by the un-faired Monster. An adjustable windscreen keeps air moving smoothly over the rider, while adjustable suspension front and rear should keep the Ducati SuperSport and SuperSport S ripping quickly over the road, regardless of the inconvenience of a passenger or luggage. The SuperSport comes equipped with a 41 mm Marzocchi fork and a Sachs shock, while upgrading to the SuperSport S buys Ohlins all around, with a 48mm fork up front.

Taken together, it’s a package that should appeal to all but the raciest of sport bike riders—and proof that it’s high time the SuperSport got back in business.