Harley-Davidson is Looking Into Buying Ducati, Report Says

The deal could be with as much as $1.67 billion.

byEric Brandt|
Harley-Davidson is Looking Into Buying Ducati, Report Says

After rumors started back in April about Ducati possibly going up for sale, it sounds like Volkswagen AG is just about ready to shed the iconic motorcycle brand to help cover its losses from Dieselgate. American motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson is working on a takeover bid in a deal potentially worth as much as $1.67 billion USD (converted from €1.5 billion) for the sport bike manufacturer, according to Reuters.

Harley-Davidson, famous for resisting variety in its product line in the name of heritage,  could use some help in the youth-centric motorcycle market. Harley's apparent lack of care for the younger motorcycle market has given competing brands like Indian and Honda the opportunity to swoop in and offer more desirable motorcycles at lower prices. 

Ducati would be a big help for Harley in acquiring customers who were born after the moon landing.

A tentative bid from Harley-Davidson is expected as soon as next month. For some of you, this may be a painful reminder of the rise and fall of Buell motorcycles. Buell was an American sport bike brand founded by ex-Harley engineer Erik Buell in 1983, bought by Harley-Davidson in 2003, and subsequently killed off in 2009. While it’s unlikely Ducati would have the same fate under Harley’s leadership, it does make us wonder if Harley-Davidson has any idea what it's doing when it comes to sport bikes that aren’t saturated in leather and chrome.