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Dashcam Video Shows Valet Wreck Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing on Joyride

The valet barely made it a block before committing a boneheaded mistake.
YouTube, 11Alive

Leaving your keys with someone—like a mechanic or valet—can be a car owner’s biggest fear. Unfortunately for the owner of a 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, doing that turned into a real nightmare. Onboard video captured the moment when a valet thought they’d go for an adrenaline hit in the brilliant Blackwing… only to receive a completely different kind of hit.

Footage taken by the car’s own Performance Data Recorder was posted to YouTube by an NBC affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia, which attributes the video to one Joe Luck. According to the video description, Luck watched the valet attendant park his car in front of the restaurant and assumed it was secure. However, the video shows his car then starting again and driving off into traffic, setting in motion the events that led to the crash.

About a block down the road, the valet pulls to the side to attempt a wide U-turn across the four-lane road. Halfway through, the camera records a chirp of what turns out to be a Dodge Challenger slamming on its brakes. The Dodge collides with the Cadillac, spinning it around as the valet swears repeatedly (though their words are censored).

Multiple angles of the crash are shown in the video, including the rear fender camera, though it didn’t show the moment of impact. Offboard footage of the aftermath shows the driver-side rear fender and door crushed in, indicating the rear of the interior may have sustained damage too. The extent of the damage isn’t possible to gauge from the outside, however, so it’s unclear whether the unibody is alright.

The valet company, National Parking, issued a statement claiming that the employee responsible had been fired. It’s still unclear if the car’s been totaled or how efficiently the company’s insurance is handling the claim. Needless to say, this is an overwhelmingly annoying ordeal the Cadillac’s owner has to go through.

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