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Tuned BMW M240i Crashes at 172 MPH and the Driver Walks Away

After running an 8.56-second quarter-mile time, the rear end lost control.
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The idea of crashing into a concrete barrier at 170 miles per hour is terrifying, especially in a road car. It’s nearly unthinkable that someone would survive a crash like that, let alone walk away immediately after. Thankfully, a BMW tuner who goes by 1StockF30 on YouTube did just that when his heavily tuned G42-gen M240i hit the wall during a quarter-mile run on the track. 

First, I want to applaud this guy for testing his 2er’s performance in a proper setting, renting the drag strip to get an official quarter-mile time rather than hitting 170 mph on public roads. His M240i was among the quickest—if not the quickest—G42 2 Series I’ve ever seen. While he didn’t divulge its final power specs, it has an upgraded intake manifold, a tune, and a turbocharger that looks bigger than my head. Regardless of its final power figures, the M240i was quick. The video shows him clocking a Dragy-rated 8.56-second quarter-mile at 167.66 before eventually losing control at 172 mph. 

So what exactly happened? It’s hard to tell why the car lost control from the video, as the onboard angle doesn’t show him making any sudden movements at speed. However, you can see him taking one hand off the wheel, slapping the gear selector forward rather than using the paddle shifters. It seems like the back end lost grip and stepped out once the car passed 170 mph, and at that speed, there was no time to correct the slide before hitting the wall.

Despite crashing at incredibly high speed, the driver not only walked away uninjured but also crawled around the car for a little bit, looking for an exit before climbing out on his own. The car deserves all of the credit for that. You can see the driver’s airbag deploy and immediately deflate, so he could still see and steer the car. At the same time, the curtain and side airbags remained inflated in case of any subsequent hits. Watching from inside the cabin, the crash is big but the car handles it well. Looking at the outside shows what you’d expect: an absolutely wrecked M240i. Either way, BMW got an incredible safety advertisement out of the deal. 

While 1StockF30 walked away from the crash, he was hospitalized afterward with back and chest pain. Considering he hit a concrete wall twice at such speed, that’s about as good of a result as you can hope for. 

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