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Watch a Tesla Model S Driver Miraculously Walk Away From Horrific Head-On Crash

While the Tesla driver was relatively unharmed, the driver of the gray station wagon suffered fatal injuries.

One Tesla Model S driver in Spain is probably counting his blessings right now after surviving a violent crash in a Barcelona tunnel last week. As seen in the surveillance video below, a gray station wagon appears to slowly drift into the oncoming lane, hits the side of a black compact, then smashes head-on into the white Tesla sedan. 

After impact, the electric sedan bounces off the side of the tunnel while the station wagon is flung to the opposing side, highlighting just how severe the impact was. Pictures of the aftermath posted to show a barely-recognizable, airbags-deployed Model S front-end. The station wagon’s engine was also completely thrown out of the car.

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Seconds after the collision, the Tesla driver can be seen nonchalantly getting out of the Model S and walking around the electric car. The 53-year-old owner of the station wagon, however, wasn’t as fortunate and reportedly passed away at the hospital. All in all, five people were injured according to Spanish news outlet Racó Català

The Tesla Model S, despite its upstart heritage, currently has a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. Even though the validity of such accolades (among other things) have been a point of debate among Tesla’s detractors and fans, it’s hard to argue against how well the electric luxury sedan fared in this tragic accident. 

h/t: Teslarati