Onboard Drone Video Shows What it’s Like to be Hunted by a Cat

In a drone-versus-cat battle, who wins? (Hint: The cat wins—every time.)

byAndrew Siceloff|
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The Inductrix  Blade has become a household name in the quadcopter community. Its relatively low price tag ($50), tiny body, propeller guards, and parts that allow for endless upgradeability (and replacement), makes it akin to a 90's Honda Civic. All one has to do is add a camera and video transmitter combo, and you have an extremely durable, portable, indoor FPV (First Person Viewing) racer. It is a great way to get in to the hobby.

Most quads need a good amount of set-up time, gear, and large, open spaces in which to fly them. Winter months can be hard for a lot of weekend racers, so indoor micro drones like the Blade have become more than just a way to introduce your friend to the hobby—they're an entire subdivision of racing.

Indoor flying's biggest obstacles might be annoyed roommates that don't like the buzzing, and those roommates are of course not limited to humans. In the video featured above, Leopold (the cat) isn't taking any of this Blade's crap, taking every opportunity to show it who's boss with a paw to the face. Congrats to BrokFPV, who has turned a great quad in to the first drone-slash-cat-toy.

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