Ford F-150-on-Chrysler 200 Road Rage Video Ends Poorly for the Smaller Car

Pro tip: hip-checking a pickup in anger is not going to end well for anyone.

byMax Goldberg|
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Any form of road rage is extremely dangerous and immature. Apparently, the drivers of the Ford F-150 and Chrysler 200 in this video never learned that.

The incident begins 38 seconds into the video, when the two vehicles hastily pass the trucker with the camera before  squaring off with one another. The Chrysler 200 knowingly crashes into the F-150; once the Chrysler 200 comes in contact with the Ford F-150, the Chrysler 200 and a Toyota 4Runner go rocketing off the right side of the highway into a pack of trees, while the Ford F-150 darts across the median, almost jetting into oncoming traffic. 

Immediately after the crash, the trucker gets on the good ol’ CB radio and transmits “Brake, brake, brake, we need some help” to his fellow truckers to alert them of the accident ahead. Before the trucker can finish his call with 911, two troopers (or one trooper and some brass) pull up and assist in the aid efforts. 

Check out the video below, and consider it a reminder to keep your cool behind the wheel.

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