Watch the “Corvette From Hell” Hit the Dyno

Lord have mercy.

byMax Prince|
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Chevrolet sold a lot of C6-generation Corvettes. Two hundred fifteen thousand, one hundred and twenty-five, to be exact. Some were crashed, some are out cruising right now. Others hibernate in West Palm Beach garages. More than a few ended up in the hands of tuners. This is one of those, an all-black Z06 from Vengeance Racing.

The Georgia-based shop knows a thing or two about building Corvettes. Recently, the company has laid claim to the first 1,000-horsepower C7 Stingray, and, at one point, the quickest C7 Z06 convertible. Now, video has surfaced of another bonkers Vengeance-tuned creation, the aforementioned all-black C6 Z06, which they call it the “Corvette From Hell.”

Seems about right.

The car uses an all-forged LS6 427ci V8, supplemented by a pair of 68/70 Precision turbos with twin air-to-water intercoolers. Also a custom, full-length, four-inch exhaust system, which could give an AC/DC roadie tinnitus. The footage comes from Vengeance Racing’s Street Car Takeover dyno shootout, and the cockfight atmosphere is perfect. We won’t spoil the results, but know the final number is spun off at 22 psi. The low-boost setting. And Vengeance claims the car’s capable of 38 psi. 

Watch the video, note the results, then extrapolate, and imagine this C6’s capabilities at max boost. Enjoy picking up the scattered pieces of your mind.

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