Watch Cowboys and Cops Chase Down a Runaway Steer in Texas

This cow did just about everything it could to get away from the butcher.

byAaron Brown|
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Police in Weatherford, Texas were led on a two-hour chase last Thursday when a large steer broke loose from a butcher shop and ran amok around the town. 

It took police officers, animal control employees, and two helpful cowboys to wrangle the steer to the ground. Though police had been in pursuit of the cow, they were unable to capture it until the cowboys showed up, local news station NBC 5 reports. 

During the chase, the steer managed to ram itself into a stationary police car, leaving a massive dent in its driver-side door. No one was injured in the chase and no further damage was done.

As for the cow, it was taken back to its butcher, but it apparently has a bit longer until it will be processed since the chase caused the animal too much stress. Following that evaluation, the steer will take a break on a ranch to regain its strength and health.

Thanks to some a police dash camera, you can see some of the more exciting parts of the chase right below. If you ask us, there's something about watching cowboys run down cattle on a street in 2017 that's pretty damn hilarious. Also, from the looks of things, this clip was sped up a bit in some places, and that just makes it even more laughable. 

(Pro tip: For extra comedic effect, hit play on "Yakety Sax" at the bottom of the page before starting the video.)

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