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Camera Catches Horrific Barrel-Rolling Crash as Car Exits Tunnel

The car looked like it was blasting out of a shotgun barrel.

Closed-circuit television has brought us countless hours of both evidence for investigations and our fair share of viral videos. This footage of a car crash from eastern China’s Zhejiang Province? It could probably be considered both.

The camera captures a sedan leaving the tunnel, possibly already out of control, and crashing into a barrier before doing a series of barrel rolls before coming to a stop again a guard rail.

According to reports, the driver walked away unscathed—but as an EMT, I would be curious to see if any internal injuries arose in the following days. 

Regardless, it is fascinating to see the increased safety measures used by modern cars to make it possible for drivers to survive a crash like that. 30 years ago, a very similar accident would have had a very different outcome. As the car violently rolls over, you can see the contents of the vehicle escape the passenger compartment and spill out onto the roadway. Fortunately, the driver did not meet the same fate.