Watch This Lamborghini Aventador Lead A Racing Drone On A Crazy Chase

Insane acrobatics performed over a Lamborghini give us a new must-see look at this Italian Supercar.

byAndrew Siceloff|

When you are dealing with chasing Lamborghinis, typically all you see is their taillights. A loud burst of energy, trailing exhaust, and it's gone. That is, until you pin it up against a racing drone. 

Racing drones can hit insane speeds in a matter of seconds, due to their light carbon fiber frame, four overpowered motors, and instant energy from the high discharge battery-driven electric drive train. Some of these racing drones can hit power to weight ratios well above ten to one, making the Koenigsegg efforts to hit 1:1 seem meager. So when looking for a camera to keep up with a Lamborghini Aventador that has a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds, these light weight beasts are some of the best options.

Johnny FPV took the average drone filming one step further, by flipping, inverting, and rolling around the Aventador with grace and poise, managing to keep up with it while piloting from one of the follow cars, "something that rides smoother than the Lamborghini." Johnny also told The Drive that he flew at 6:45am on a Sunday, making sure the roads were clear, and used two follow cars to block any traffic that might have gotten in the way. 

While we can't exactly condone flying on public streets, Johnny's piloting is top notch, and he made sure to keep the conditions as safe as possible, bringing us an insane new perspective on the beauty of an Italian supercar. 

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