Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador Found Crashed in Beverly Hills

The R&B singer was not behind the wheel.

byJosh Condon|
Lamborghini News photo


When you have enough money to not only afford a wide range of supercars, some of which start at $400,000 and climb from there, but to let friends come and go in them as they please—as R&B singer Chris Brown is known to do—perhaps you have too much money. (Alternate take: you have exactly the right amount of money.)

That laissez-faire attitude has come back to haunt Brown (and his bank account), as his Lambo Aventador was found completely destroyed in Beverly Hills earlier in the week, according to TMZ.

Brown was not behind the wheel—and in fact, the mangled supercar was driverless and abandoned, meaning no one, LAPD included, know who was driving the car during what the carnage suggests was a horrific incident.

TMZ reports the car, originally orange but later given a matte-black wrap, was still registered to Brown—and also that, given the accident was a single-vehicle event with (amazingly) no property damage, the investigation into the incident takes low priority.

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