700-Mile Lamborghini Aventador SV and Matching 52-Foot MTI ‘Lamboat’ For Sale

Go ahead, you deserve it.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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Summer is officially upon us, and if you've got an empty bay in your garage, a vacant slip at your marina, and a cool $2.2 million burning a hole in your pocket, then buddy, do we have some good news for you. Now's your chance to snag the ultimate twofer on eBay—a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and a 52-foot, custom-made MTI G6 catamaran that looks exactly like its landlubbing fraternal twin.

And when we say exactly, we mean it. The 2017 MTI G6 already has a supercar vibe about it, but south Florida restaurant mogul Gino Gargiulo spared no expense in turning the boat into a true ocean-going Lambo. The catamaran features authentic Lamborghini headlights and taillights—all of which work—as well as seat shells, side mirrors, switches, air conditioning vents, and a steering wheel straight off a real Aventador, all waterproofed and retrofitted for maritime duties.

The twin hulls are also finished with a host of custom panels designed to mimic the body of the Aventador, and the whole boat has been painted in the same ultra-exclusive shade of Verde Singh. If that's not cool enough, the Lamboat is equipped with massive Mercury Racing 1350/1550 HP twin-engine setup and a nifty dual-fuel system, allowing the captain to switch between 91 octane and race fuel for an extra power boost from the comfort of their Alcantara-upholstered seat.

There's also a bunch of fun goodies, like a $20,000 stereo system and a $10,000 undersea LED lighting rig. All said and done, the custom catamaran is said to be worth at least $1,750,000 and capable of over 180 mph on the open seas. That should be enough to get you to international waters faster than you can say "illegal gambling ring." And yes, the whole thing is still under factory warranty.

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With all that ocean-going fun, the included Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster is almost like an afterthought—if that can be said about any $600,000, 740-horsepower supercar with a full carbon fiber trim package, custom center-lock wheels, adjustable Kreissieg exhaust, and only 700 miles on the odometer.

This is actually Gargiulo's second Lambo-Lamboat pair, both of which were featured on CNBC's famous nature documentary The Secret Lives of the Super Rich. Unfortunately, the listing notes an "unexpected family incident" means he's being forced to part with this set much faster than expected. His loss, your gain.