Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 vs. Acura NSX

Arguments over drag racing never go out of style.

byMax Prince|
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The Internet is a rabbit hole of automotive content. Pictures, words, videos. Some of it’s fantastic, some decidedly meh. But, just like the days before dial-up, nothing is more divisive than a simple drag race. Two cars, squaring off, from a dig or a rolling punch. You know the variables. Driver skill, tires, weather, elevation, modifications discreet or overt. The comments section will bring out trolls. But when so much of our landscape is definitive, a simple numbers game pulled off Google or magazine spec pages, a proper drag race video begets good ol’ fashion debate. And this one’s sure to get folks talking.

The tale of the tape: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 vs. Acura NSX. Both all-wheel drive, both carbon-intensive, both run automatic gearboxes. The Bull’s got twice the cylinders, a honkin’ old school screamer with a single-clutch seven-speed; the Acura is lighter, has twin-turbocharging and hybridization at its disposal, and utilizes a nine-speed twin-clutch transmission. It’s also at a disadvantage of over 100 horsepower, and lists for about one-third the price. Japan against Italy, roadster against coupe, brains against brawn, supercar against exotic, digital against analog. There are a thousand different ways to size this one up.

Ignore the dude-bro host, and skip to the 1m 24s marker to hop right into the action. Then grab some friends, and dive into the theorizing, skepticism, accusations of sandbagging or launch-bogging, and all the other brochure jockey shit-talking we can’t help but enjoy. 

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