Watch a Tornado Tear Through NASA’s New Orleans Rocket Parts Factory

Three tornados touched down in New Orleans and wreaked havoc on the area, including a crucial facility for the production of NASA’s new Space Launch System.

byMax Goldberg|
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On Wednesday, NASA’s Michaud Assembly Facility in New Orleans was hit by a large tornado. The twister ripped through the facility grounds; trees, cars, roofing and parts of structures were torn apart and thrown about the area. As you can see in the videos below, many workers were around to document the events; fortunately none of them suffered any serious injuries.

The Michoud Assembly Facility builds hydrogen and oxygen fuel cells for the heavy-lift rocket known as the Space Launch System. Fortunately, the tanks currently being assembled were not damaged, but the wind left large holes in the building’s roof, exposing the interior to the elements. NASA crews are currently working to repair the facility so they can continue normal operations.

On a side note: we at The Drive would like to remind you how ridiculously dangerous it is to film a tornado from an exposed location. If you find yourself in a twister, don't whip out the ol' iPhone; put your phone down and seek shelter. The rest of the world can watch the video from a CCTV camera.