Watch Tanner Foust Drift His 544-Horsepower VW Beetle RallyCross Car Up a Mountain Road

It might be a rallycross car, but that didn’t stop Foust from claiming this public road as his own.

byAaron Brown|
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The guys at Donut Media sure know how to make slidey cars look damn good on video. This time, they have drift icon and RedBull Global RallyCross driver Tanner Foust in his souped-up VW Beetle rallycross car going at it up a slick, foresty mountain road. 

According to Foust's website, the rallycross car has a turbocharged inline-four motor that pumps out 544 horsepower and is connected to a six-speed racing sequential transmission. Back when it was first unveiled in 2014, Car & Driver reported that the car was capable of doing zero to 60 in 2.1 seconds—nothing unusual for a professional rallycross car, but yeah, it's quick. Especially for a public road in Oregon. 

The nearly two-minute video, uploaded to YouTube Thursday, shows Foust going flat-out up the long hill, views of the mountainous scenery, POV from the driver's seat, and some serious slides. If anything, this video just leaves us wanting more. 

Check it out below. 

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