Watch a 530-HP BMW M2 Rocket up the Gurnigel Hill Climb in Switzerland

Apparently swapping in a S55 straight-six from a BMW M4 makes the M2 a great hillclimb competitor.


Checking out a stock BMW M2 gets us excited...but a 530-horsepower M2 gets us ecstatic. Rather than sticking with the good ol' stock engine for its build, Swiss tuning house Dahler swapped it out for an S55 straight-six from a BMW M4. 

No matter which engine you prefer in this ride, it's hard to deny that this modified M2 is perfect for shredding the mountain roads of Switzerland's Gurnigel Hillclimb. Blasting through corners and up ascents, the M2’s exhaust note echoes through the countryside and brings a stupid grin to the face of anyone watching. Unfortunately, the in-car audio is running too hot to pick up the sound without distortion...but the outside video does just fine.

Whether or not you think 530 hp and 538 lb-ft of torque is too much power for the M2, you have to give Dahler credit for putting the power to the ground. What do you think is the perfect amount of power for the beloved M2?