2023 BMW M2 Will Get 455-HP I6, Keep the Manual: Report

It’s said to get a slightly detuned version of the M3 and M4’s S58 engine.

byPeter Holderith| PUBLISHED Oct 25, 2021 4:15 PM
2023 BMW M2 Will Get 455-HP I6, Keep the Manual: Report

Even though BMW makes some untraditional cars today, like the unusual yet apparently intriguing iX, it still hasn't forgotten its performance car roots. Along with unveiling a smattering of new electric vehicles, the M3 and M4 are still the same fire-breathing beasts they've always been. Likewise, the current M2 is a performance machine with few equals. 

The Bavarian automaker has already given us a glimpse at the regular version of the updated 2 Series; however, the specifications of the M2 have remained a mystery. Previously, the smallest BMW performance car hasn't gotten a full-fledged "M" motor until special editions came around later in its production cycle. That's apparently changing now according to a long-time BMW insider on BimmerPost, who says the new M2 is getting the full-fledged S58 engine and more from the M3 and M4.

Now, it won't be exactly the same. As is typical with cheaper, smaller models getting the same engine as their larger, more expensive siblings, the S58 in the M2 will allegedly be detuned to produce 455 horsepower, as compared to its usual 473 hp. It may be less, true, but it's a difference of just 18 horsepower. And as the forum poster reports, the M2 will still get everything that makes M cars great. 


The user alleges a manual transmission will be available on the G87-chassis car, as well as "all the drivetrain and suspension things [on the] G82 [M4]." In a nutshell, that likely means an electronic limited-slip differential, re-tuned suspension with an option for adaptive dampers, and numerous other performance tweaks like updated aero and an optional carbon-fiber roof. The only items allegedly being left out as compared to the larger M3 and M4 are the carbon-ceramic brakes and nicer bucket seats.

So instead of a hopped-up 335i or 340i engine, this time we're reportedly getting the real deal "M" motor from the get-go. Seeing as BMW's combustion engine days seem to be numbered, we should feel lucky that's the case. Who knows how many more M2s we're gonna get; at least this one seems to have strong specs on paper.

We've reached out to BMW for comment on these claimed features and will update this post with the manufacturer's response.

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