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Post Malone Must Really Love the Ford Raptor

The popular rapper has committed to a Ford Raptor tattoo in a prominent location ahead of his next album release.

Beyond being an international music sensation, Post Malone has developed a reputation as a serious car enthusiast. His collection boasts an impressive variety of premium, high-performance cars. His latest love appears to be the Ford F-150 Raptor, with the rapper going so far as to get a tattoo of the adept off-roader.

As shared by The Raptor Connection in a recent Instagram post, it’s clear that Post Malone has a serious affinity for Ford’s brawniest F-150. As a symbol of both his affection and commitment, Malone hasn’t stopped at just owning several Raptors. This vehicular admiration has extended to such an extent that he’s permanently etched an image of one onto his neck, an unmistakable show of the depth of his devotion.

The passion goes a step further, too. Not only has the rapper featured the Ford Raptor on his tour merchandise, a silhouette of the truck also takes pride of place on the back cover of his latest album, Austin. The album is yet to be released, but it’s clear that Post Malone has cars on the brain, with track titles like Overdrive, Speedometer, and Texas Tea.

Upon first glance, one might be tempted to view Malone’s affinity for the Ford Raptor as an elaborate advertising gambit. After all, celebrity endorsements are nothing new in the music industry, and the impact they have on sales is well documented. The field has been pioneered by figures like Adam Kluger, who arrange product placements in songs and music videos. With Malone’s star power and the Ford Raptor’s mass-market appeal, it could be a match made in marketing heaven.

However, the fact that Post Malone has gone as far as getting a tattoo of the vehicle on his neck indicates a more profound attachment. A tattoo, especially in such a prominent place, is a lifelong commitment and is not something you’d expect as part of a transient marketing deal. It may not be the first time Malone has gotten a car-related tattoo, either, with the “71” on his nose reportedly a reference to a 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

It’s clear that Post Malone’s affection for the Ford Raptor extends beyond the typical relationship between man and machine, or indeed, artist and brand. It may just be a love story, commemorated in ink on skin. It’s safe to say that Post Malone isn’t just a Ford Raptor owner—he’s a superfan.

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