2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Is Coming to America

Ford CEO Jim Farley has announced the mid-size performance off-roader is coming to the US.

byLewin Day|
Ford News photo

Ford has been working away over the last few years and has been dropping new truck reveals like it's going out of fashion. Up next is the Ford Ranger Raptor, with the reveal of the new model happening on February 22 at 2 AM Eastern time. It's an early rise for those keen to watch the reveal, but Ford CEO Jim Farley has given American truck fans one reason to wake up — by confirming that the Ranger and Ranger Raptor will be coming to the US in 2023, via Twitter.

The second generation of the T6-platform Ranger is a truly global model, slotting in above the Maverick and below the F-150 to give the company a full range of small, mid, and full-size trucks. Naturally, the Ranger Raptor serves as the off-road halo of the range, following in the footsteps of models like the F-150 Raptor and the upcoming Bronco Raptor as well.

The Ranger Raptor will be the most powerful Ranger yet, so we're told, though details on the powerplant remain scarce. Of course, given that the existing Ranger only packs 269 horsepower, it's not going to be a huge feat to top that. Expect something less than the Bronco Raptor's 400 plus horsepower, with a V6 a likely choice to meet Ford's desired power goals.

In the hint video shared by Ford before the reveal, we see the Ranger Raptor sliding around on dirt and generally getting up to some off-road mischief. Based on what we've seen so far, it can take a jump just like its bigger brothers, and the exhaust note has some edge to it as well. It's good evidence that Ford hasn't compromised on the Raptor ideals when it comes to the smaller truck; it can still take the rough and tumble, and it's got some grunt about it, too. 

Notably, the Ranger Raptor is seen wearing plates for the state of Victoria, where Ford maintains its Australian engineering teams.  

News of the Ranger Raptor comes on the heels of the basic Ranger, which was revealed last November. Like the initial Ranger reveal, the announcement of the Raptor model is being timed to suit the Australian timezone, where the Ranger serves as the company's only pickup truck on sale. With that said, there have been rumblings that the F-150 could one day head Down Under in an official capacity, but that has not yet come to pass.

The news that the Ranger and Ranger Raptor is coming to the US will be music to the ears of mid-size truck fans. It should be the ideal choice for those looking for more performance than is available from the Maverick, without wanting to drive something as large as an F-150. 

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