The Ford F-750-Based EarthRoamer XV-HD Is a $1.5 Million Slice of Off-Roading Heaven

Giant, expensive, and ready to crawl over anything in its path.

byMax Goldberg|
Ford News photo

Finding the right recreation vehicle is dependent on what you intend on doing with it. If moderate off-roading in an effort to isolate yourself sounds enticing, for example, the EarthRoamer XV-HD is probably your best bet. 

With a price tag of a cool $1.5 million, the EarthRoamer XV-HD is way more than your average RV. Based off a Ford F-750 4x4 platform, the XV-HD has plenty of off-road goodies to keep you moving across the worst terrain—way beyond the mild dirt a normal RV may be able to drive over.

You'd better enjoy the outdoors, however, because the XV-HD isn't about to fit in your garage. According to EarthRoamer, it has a 35-foot total length, 8-feet-5-inches of width, and 13-and-a-half feet of height. Fortunately, the F-750 chassis is powered by the famous 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel V8 found in most heavy-duty Ford F-Series, tuned to the beat of 330 horsepower and 725 lb-ft torque. When diverted to all four 46-inch Michelin XZL tires, there are few things that could stand in the XV-HD's way, especially because of the 12 inches of ground clearance.

The suspension setup of the truck is impressive, with Fox Shocks up front and rear air suspension to ensure a smooth ride. In order to keep your favorite dish from spilling, the XV-HD has hydraulic leveling as well, to ensure a balanced vacation. This capable overlander also has a 30,000-pound Warn Industries winch, a full LED setup by Baja Designs, 2,100 watts of solar capability, a 20,000 lithium-ion battery bank, and a PTO-driven hydraulic generator. When coupled together, these features make the truck fairly self-sufficient and capable of extricating itself from potentially vacation-ending mishaps.

Diving into the inside of the truck, customers can rely on a 250-gallon water tank, a full bathroom with detached shower, washer and dryer, a full kitchen, and even in-floor radiant heating. Between those amenities, the wood cabinets, granite counter tops and leather couches, you're ready to go on a luxury expedition. Just invite us along, would ya?