Nearly 80 Roofless Ferrari Monzas Caught in Surprise Rainstorm at Owner Event

If you’re going to go on a multiday rally in a $2 million roofless supercar, check the weather first.

byNico DeMattia|
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When owners plunked down nearly $2 million for their beautiful but roofless Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 hypercars, gorgeous sunny days on the Amalfi Coast were probably in their minds, not getting caught in the rain while parked at a race track. All the money in the world can't change the weather, so when a group of Monza owners recently gathered at Fiorano, the home racetrack of Ferrari, there was nothing they could do to stop the rain from ruining their group photo.

To make matters worse, those owners paid $30,000 to get rained on. The event was part of a Ferrari Monza owner's rally of sorts, which had the millionaire and billionaire owners drive together through some of Italy's prettiest scenery, stay at a five-star hotel, and then meet at the world's largest event for Monza owners at the famous Fiorano racetrack. While at Fiorano, the group (herd?) of Monzas gathered for a photo, but the weather turned for the worse and rained on the multimillion-dollar topless Ferraris. YouTuber Varryx snagged some footage of the Fiorano fiasco before being told to stop recording by a track marshal.

Typically, a little rain won't hurt a convertible's interior, especially if you can get the roof up in time. However, the Ferrari Monza doesn't have any roof to speak of. It's a permanent al fresco roadster with an incredibly lavish interior. So getting caught in the rain, very far away from home where the Monza can be parked in the garage, doesn't sound like a ton of fun for the owners. There was honestly nowhere for the Ferraris to go to get out of the rain, and Ferrari employees were scrambling to figure out a way to cover nearly 80 seven-figure, uber-rare collectibles.

The video ends before we see any conclusion but I'm guessing employees and owners figured out a way to cover the cabins of the topless Ferraris. Admittedly, much of the Monza's interior is glossy carbon fiber, which likely wasn't affected by the rain and was easy to dry off. However, the carpets, supple leather, and soft Alcantara all probably had a good soak before they could be covered. Maybe next time, they should check the weather before heading out on a multiday rally in a car without a roof.

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